Electronic Fly Trap Using Ultra Violet Light

Blue lamp fly catchers have been on the market for more than 50 years and in all that time there have hardly been any fundamental improvements. Only in the past three years many lamp manufactures have started to re-engineer their traditional lamps. There are hundreds of different models on the market.  Most food preparation establishments have them and they are a invaluable for keeping fly numbers down.

The lamps work on the principal of emitting light within the ultra-violet spectrum.  Specifically fly light traps emit UV-A which is in the wavelength 315–400 nano meters which has been shown to be attractive to flies.

This blue light attracts flies into the product, before either zapping them dead on a high voltage or trapping them on a sticky glue board.

Choosing the appropriate electric fly killer for your application will help ensure your environment is correctly protected from flying insects. Each fly killer has a recommended coverage area based upon UV light output, specification and design.

There are many poorly made, inferior, cheap and sadly ineffective models on the market. We have selected two professional models which we feel are ideal for equestrian use: one for inside stables and one for offices.

The snappily named i-Trap 40HT is a fly zapper with a hight tension grid and is ideal for stable or store areas with high numbers of flying insects, whilst the Armadilha is a smartly designed unit that contains a cleverly concealed glue board and is ideal for front of house, office and domestic areas that often require a more decorative visually appealing solution. that can providing discreet but effective insect control.

Note that both units use blue light bulbs.  These are typically only effective for approximately a year and should be replaced every year to maximise their UV effectiveness. The reason all bulbs lose their effectiveness is that the UV coating in the bulb simply wears away over time with normal regular use.

We provide replacement bulbs for both our traps and a handy UV-A Light tester if you have a model from us or another supplier and wish to check it.

Armadilha 15 Fly Trap on Wall with Clock

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