Smidge Midge and Mosquito Insect Repellent Spray – for Riders

Smidge has been proven to provide instant, sweat-proof protection from midges, mosquitoes, horse flies, ticks and sand flies for up to 8 hours. For use on adults and children over 30 months, Smidge is a pleasantly fragranced spray, developed and tested in Scotland by midge experts.


• Repels midges, mosquitoes, horse flies, sand flies, fleas and ticks
• Pleasantly fragranced, moisturising protection for up to 8 hours
• Water and sweat resistant
• Safe for use on adults, children over 30 months and pregnant women
• DEET free
• Available in 75ml or handy 18ml pocket size spray

What is in Smidge?

Smidge contains 20% Picaridin (Saltidin®), an active ingredient which has been designed to effectively block the antennal receptors of biting insects, so that they can’t smell you.
The active ingredient in Smidge is a safer alternative to products containing DEET and is recommended by The World Health Organisation (WHO) for travellers against mosquitoes and other disease carrying insects – WHO, 2012*.

What’s good about Smidge?

Smidge has a unique patented formula making it Europe’s only water-resistant insect repellent. Smidge can be replied every 8 hours, although to ensure the best protection Smidge should be reapplied following swimming, intense exercise or exposure to very wet or humid conditions.
Smidge is safe for use on adults and children over 30 months. It is an easy to apply non-sticky, moisturising formulation with a pleasant fragrance.

Available in a 75ml spray or handy 18ml size spray for popping in a pocket when out and about, riding or walking.


* Report of the Fourth Whopes Working Group Meeting
WHO/HQ, Geneva, 4-5 December 2000

Smidge Insect Repellent Spray Aluminium Bottle
Smidge Insect Repellent Pocket Size