MT-Trap for Nuisance Insects – Wasps and Horseflies.

The MT-trap is designed to catch those aggressive insects which commonly create a lot of irritation:

• Horse flies that can be typically found in the period of May to August.
• Wasps which are commonly present in the period August & September.


The MT-Trap can be used alone or with the full size H-Trap to extend horsefly protection around paddocks and stable buildings.  It is best placed around stables and domestic areas and as a portable solution to be taken to events or shows.

The MT-Trap also offers home owners an affordable solution to provide protection in gardens that border horse and deer fly areas.  It is a convenient trap to be placed around patios, pool-sides or parks and camp sites.


As the horsefly season comes to an end, the wasp season begins.  Although wasps are active all summer long, in the early months, their activity is all about nest building and raising their young.  Once the Queen stops laying eggs and the colony begins to reduce in size, the workers, who normally received a sugar reward from within the hive, begin to be deprived of this treat, and start hunting for sugar outside the hive, which means they become a nuisance whenever we are eating and drinking outdoors or where sweet foodstuffs are involved.  This usually begins in the latter half of the summer.

It is a simple matter to modify the MT-Trap by cleaning out the catch chamber and adding a sugary liquid attractant to the pot. When used with a wasp attractant (available separately) the effective use of the MT-Trap can be extended into the autumn months.

MT Trap Horsefly Trap in tree
MT Trap Carton Angled View of Top

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