MT Trap – Domestic Insect Trap


Following on from our hugely successful H-Trap, our MT Trap is a smaller more portable option especially designed for a more convenient option in domestic situations.

Please note that horsefly attraction is not as great as the H-Trap, considering the relative differences in the size of the ball, therefore performance varies with the presence of flies.  It is best placed close to where horseflies are a problem, in the vicinity of people, such as near a patio or swimming pool.  Performance has been seen to be best in domestic garden situations.

For equestrian applications we recommend using the H-Trap as the main means of trapping horseflies and the MT-Trap as a supplementary trap.

The usefulness of the MT-Trap can be extended to catch wasps later in the season.

Available with or without a stand…but sorry, we are out of stock of stands.