Sticky Insect Glue Traps – For Farm, Stable and Home

Our range of insect glue traps provides a wide portfolio of insecticide free, insect catching solutions for many different animal husbandry situations, whether it is just for a few hens, a single pony or a shed full of livestock. The Agriline is a range of fly traps is primarily targeted at the farming sector, particularly stables and livestock farmers. Flies have an observed natural behaviour of landing on surfaces that have a certain visual characteristics, including contrasting colours, edges, patterns and shapes resembling other flies.

The Agriline glue coated paper uses a patented design which incorporates fluorescent colours and a 3D pattern that have demonstrated can influence and increase a fly’s landing behaviour, so the glue coated surface catches more flies. Combined with other prophylactic measures, the use of glue traps can keep the fly pressure on animals to an acceptable level.

Be sure to suspend these out of reach or all animals as they will stick easily to the coats and feathers of passing animals. Glue traps will typically last 6-8 weeks depending on numbers of flies caught and dustiness of the environment in which they are being used.

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