Protect your animal and horse feed with the Topsnap™ trap, a premium quality trap that is easy to set and keeps the capture hidden from view. Constructed of stainless steel and robust plastic, this trap will last for many years with continued use.

Mice are lured into the trap, either through curiosity or with the aid of an added bait.

It has a double entry feature, so it does not matter from which side the rodent enters. Two independent trapping-mechanisms (consisting each of a trigger plate and a strike bar) are positioned can help catch up to two rodents with one setting. Setting the trap is very easy with the external leavers. No more trapped fingers. When set, red tabs are visible, indicating whether a mouse has been caught or not. The efficient snap action kills mice instantly. Disposal is convenient as the lever can be lifted to allow the rodent to fall into a waste bin. The lid is easily removed for cleaning or adding a food bait (nuts, chocolate etc) to the central section. For highest possible catch success, place Topsnap at the base of walls along known rodent pathways. Locate so that the entrances are in line with walls or other objects.

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Mouse Trap

Topsnap Mouse Trap